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        • Features: Adopted sectional AC-HV design,Input voltage range 200-240VAC, Over heating Protection method.
        • Features: Graphene housing:20W-100W; The product is so lighter,So cooler,The longest life span; Graphene flood lamp housing material will be 30% price down than traditional metal flood lamp;
        • Features: Beautiful Self-design, LG/PHILIPS LED Chip,Professional optical design,Fixture Efficiency Over 115LM/W,Ceiling mounted and pole hanging optional, High purity aluminum heat sinks, 600,000 hours lifespan with 5 years warranty.
        • Features: Adopted optical PC Lens, emitting efficiency up to 90%、 Professional optical design、 Ceiling mounted and pole hanging optional、 High purity aluminum heat sinks, best heat dissipation performance、 Light and thin in weight.
        • Features: 100W-200W, Patent Driver-less Tech, 220-240VAC, 10KV Surge Protection, Power Filter, Nano Coating Reflector, IP65 Rating, 5 Years Warranty, LG/Lumileds LED Chip, Fixture Efficiency Over 130LM/W.
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